How to become a Christian

Book 1 - contents page

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Chapter 1 Some important points at the outset
Chapter 2 What is the Bible?  How did it come to be written and why should we believe it?
Chapter 3 God’s character – who He is and what He is like
Chapter 4 How the Church got into its current condition
Chapter 5 Why should we bother to become a Christian?
Chapter 6 What is the Christian message? The bad news first – sin and its consequences
Chapter 7 The Ten Commandments – proof that you and I are sinners, not just other people
Chapter 8 More bad news - judgment, Hell and the Lake of Fire in closer detail
Chapter 9 Setting the scene for the first coming of Jesus
Chapter 10 How Jesus' death on the cross made it possible for our sins to be forgiven and for us to be made righteous in God's eyes
Chapter 11 Proof that the resurrection really happened
Chapter 12 Salvation, is not earned by our own effort or merit. It is a free gift by God’s grace (undeserved favour) in response to our faith
Chapter 13 An overview of how to be saved - the four steps we need to take
Chapter 14 Step one in detail - repent
Chapter 15 Step two in detail - believe
Chapter 16 Step three in detail - be baptised in water
Chapter 17 Step four in detail - receive the Holy Spirit
Chapter 18 Jesus is the only way to salvation
Chapter 19 How to know whether you are a real Christian or not
Chapter 20 Summary - how do we actually become a Christian? What do we need to do in practical terms?
Chapter 21 Assurance of salvation, provided we persevere and continue on "the Way"
Chapter 22 Assurance and perseverance continued - the three stages or tenses of salvation: justification, then sanctification, then glorification
Chapter 23 Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ - some introductory points

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