Biblical and unbiblical churches

Book 8 - contents page

Chapter 1 What do we mean by church?
Chapter 2 Why do we have to be part of a local church anyway?
Chapter 3 Our respect for the church and for one another must never prevent us from standing up for the truth and confronting falsehood when we see it
Chapter 4

The Roman Catholic church is unbiblical and a high percentage of its teaching and practices is man-made, false and occultic.

Chapter 5 Most non- Catholic churches are also unbiblical in their structures and practices
Chapter 6 The five ministries which we see in the bible and which we ought to see today, namely: apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher, and pastor/shepherd
Chapter 7

How and why the church lost its way and became the unbiblical structure we know today

Chapter 8 The unbiblical and man-made concept of a “clergy class” which is above and different from ordinary people
Chapter 9

Are we supposed to obey and submit to church leaders?  If so, which ones and in what way?

Chapter 10

Unbiblical church structure remover the safeguards which are meant to protect us from false prophets and counterfeit spiritual gifts

Chapter 11 Unbiblical church structure also promotes compromise on doctrine
Chapter 12 The problems caused by personal ambition, envy and rivalry amongst church leaders
Chapter 13

False teachers, false prophets and abusive manipulative or domineering leaders

Chapter 14

Why are most church leaders so ineffective as preachers?

Chapter 15

Unbiblical teaching and practice on the issue of money and, in particular, about giving to support churches

Chapter 16 What can we do about the problems with church structure and leadership?
Chapter 17 What is the right way to deal with disagreements and debates between Christians about doctrine and practice?
Chapter 18 When, how and by whom should a person be expelled from a church?

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