How demons operate and how to resist them

Book 9 - contents page

Chapter 1

The overall aims and objectives of the demons

Chapter 2

Confusion caused by the inappropriate use of the word “possessed

Chapter 3

An introduction to how demons operate and why God allows them to interfere in our lives

Chapter 4

How demons seek to discourage you and to get you to give up your hope

Chapter 5 How demons seek to put fear and anxiety into you
Chapter 6

How demons seek to deceive you in every area of your life

Chapter 7

How demons seek to distort your view of God and to undermine your trust in Him

Chapter 8

How demons seek to create divisions and mistrust between people

Chapter 9 How demons seek to distract you from your purpose
Chapter 10 How demons seek to tempt you to sin
Chapter 11

How demons seek to make you blind to the truth of the Bible and resist you in witnessing to others

Chapter 12

How demons seek to make you feel either condemned or complacent

Chapter 13

How demons seek to rob you of sleep and to attack your mind while you sleep

Chapter 14 How Demons can cause sickness, accidents and even death
Chapter 15 An introduction to the question of how we are meant to resist demons
Chapter 16

The biblical methods of resisting demons

Chapter 17 The demons use your flesh to undermine you and how you can resist that tactic

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