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BC -
‘before Christ’.  The birth of Jesus is the starting point of our entire calendar and history. Everything before His birth is BC and everything after is AD i.e. anno domini i.e. “year of Our Lord”. Thus every time a person writes the date, they acknowledge Jesus.

balance -
I use this word to mean the need for a person to ensure his studies, his beliefs and activities are in the correct biblical proportions, with appropriate weighting and emphasis being given to each of a number of things. So many of us go wrong because we discover something real or true but then emphasise or practice it excessively, such that it overwhelms and detracts from other truths or issues which are also important and necessary. The best antidote to imbalance is to study the whole Bible and to give each topic whatever amount of emphasis, the Bible gives it. That way we can achieve ‘balance’ which means knowing all the ‘counsel of God’ and doing all the things God wants, not just those one or two things we happen to be fixated upon. That is one way we can achieve balance, i.e. in our own individual life. Another way is for us to seek to be balanced collectively i.e. in the church as a whole. That is achieved where I emphasise and specialize in subject ‘A’ whereas for you it’s subject ‘B’ and for others in the church it’s, C, D, E, etc. Thus, collectively we can and should aim for balance even if each of us specializes in something different. That is one reason why we should all encourage each other to pursue our own gifting, even if other people’s giftings are very different fro our own. If we all specialise in different things, the overall effect will be balanced.

baptism (in water) -
to be completely submerged in water to symbolise openly that you repent and believe in Jesus Christ and want to be identified with Him as His disciple. Going down into the water signifies dying with Jesus and coming up for the water represents being identified with Him in His resurrection.  This is presented in the Bible as a part of becoming a believer. Some people feel that young infants can be baptised, but I see no basis for that in the Bible.  It can only be done by those old enough to understand it and to freely choose to do it.

baptism in The Holy Spirit -
(also referred to as "receiving or being "filled with the Holy Spirit") when a person becomes a Christian i.e. has repented, believed, been baptised in water.  The they are meant to ask the Holy Spirit, usually by being prayed for by another believer who lays his hands on the one being prayed for.  The Holy Spirit then comes to live within them to enable the person to live the Christian life. The power of the Holy Spirit is released in the person's life.  This is accompanied and evidenced by the person beginning to speak in tongues and operate in any of a number of spiritual gifts, such as, prophecy, word of knowledge, interpretation etc. this is a controversial subject because these gifts have been counterfeited and abused in many cases. Nonetheless the experience is real and is meant to be for us to have today, not solely for the first century church.

Baptist church -
a Protestant Christian denomination believing that baptism should be by total immersion in water, as opposed to sprinkling, and of adult believers only, not babies.

begotten -

Believer -

Bema judgment (the) –
this is the Greek word for the Judgment Seat of Christ, i.e. the judgment of Christian believers following the rapture when they will be rewarded to the extent that they have been faithful and obedient since becoming a Christian.  It is not a judgment which involves punishment and is not for unbelievers.

Bible -
the Christian scriptures, consisting of the Old and New Testaments combined.  It is made up of 66 separate books or letters, each of which was written by one of 40 different human authors.  Yet it is all inspired by God and is infallible and perfectly true and accurate throughout. 

blasphemy -
irreverent or mocking/disrespectful talking about God or sacred things.

"born again"

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