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Book 1: How to become a Christian

This book is a thorough and frank explanation of what Christianity really is and also how to become a Christian.  Most churches today preach a watered-down, sanitized gospel.  They leave out anything which is controversial or capable of offending anybody, such as sin, judgment, Hell, the Lake of Fire, repentance, baptism in water and receiving the Holy Spirit.  Consequently, their gospel has been reduced to “Jesus loves you and wants you to love Him”, which is true, as far as it goes, but it is not the gospel.  It is only a small part of it.  So, I have tried to give the whole message, including all of the ‘bad news’, without which the ‘good news’ of the gospel would not make sense.

Book 2: Developing the character of a disciple

This book takes a realistic and honest look at what it really means to be a disciple. It focuses on the cost and the difficulties of following Jesus, not just the benefits. It also examines four essential character qualities for any disciple, i.e. being thankful, faithful, truthful and capable of forgiving others.

Book 3: How to study the Bible and why you should

The aim of this book is to show you why you need to study the whole Bible and also to look at the reasons why people misinterpret the Bible. Many of us also fail to believe it because we have been wrongly taught and therefore approach the Bible in the wrong ways. We shall also look at many other issues which will assist you in becoming an effective student of the Bible.

Book 4: The Judgment Seat of Christ

This book examines a seriously neglected subject, namely the judgment for Christians, where they will be appraised, as opposed to the judgment for the unsaved where they will be condemned.  Christians won’t be condemned but they will be judged.  This will be on the basis of our faithfulness and fruitfulness from the point of conversion onwards.  We are meant to be keenly aware of this judgment and to seek to maximise our reward and minimise the need for Jesus to rebuke or criticise us.  This book aims to show you how to get ready now for this awesome, face to face appraisal with Jesus.

Book 5: How to become wise

This book examines the four types of person whom the Bible frequently describes but who are rarely, if ever, mentioned in most churches. These are the wicked, the fool, the simple (naïve) and the wise. We shall examine what each of these words really mean and also look at how any person can become wise, if they really want to.  

Book 6: How to identify and handle wicked people

This book deals with a much neglected subject. That is understanding the tactics and methods of the wicked and learning how to identify and handle them, yet without imitating their ways. The advice in this book has come from a combination of my study of what the Bible says about the wicked and also my own practical experiences in dealing with them in both the secular world and churches.

Book 7: The world, the flesh and the Devil

This book deals with the three main battles which every real Christian has to fight. The first is against his own sinful flesh nature. That is a ‘civil war’ within himself, between his old man and new man. The second battle is to resist the pull of this sinful world system and to refuse to conform to its standards. The third is against the Devil and his demons. We must stand firm against them and resist all their lies and influence. All three battles are highly inter-connected and it is essential that we take them seriously.

Book 8: Biblical and unbiblical churches

This book deals with the controversial subject of the differences between the churches of the first century as seen in the pages of the New Testament and the hierarchical, denominational organisations we know today. What we have is the exact opposite in virtually every way of what God told us to do. Thus we lack most of the safeguards which He intended. Man-made traditions have replaced the biblical model, thereby creating what we might call unbiblical churches. These need to change and rediscover the biblical model in order to operate as they really should.

Book 9: How demons operate and how to resist them

This book addresses the much neglected issue of demons, i.e. what they do, how they affect us and what we ought to do about them.  As C.S. Lewis said, most of us make the mistake of either ignoring them or becoming obsessed with them.  We should do neither.  Instead we need to believe in them and understand them accurately and then resist them in the ways that the Bible sets out.  Until we do that, we will continue to be harmed and undermined by demons, whether we believe in them or not.

Book 10: Evangelism

Evangelism is not a popular activity for most Christians. Many of us fear it. Some have never tried it and think it should be left to others. This book aims to show that sharing the gospel is a duty for all of us, not just for gifted evangelists. It also seeks to show you how you can learn to witness effectively and fearlessly and so reach your friends, family and work colleagues with the good news.