Evangelism - how to share your faith and why you should

Book 10 - contents page

Chapter 1 What is evangelism and why should we do it?
Chapter 2 How should we share the gospel with others?
Chapter 3

You have a duty to warn people, whether they listen or not

Chapter 4  Understanding how evangelism works and how many stages there are, including ploughing, planting, watering and harvesting.
Chapter 5 Why people fear to do evangelism
Chapter 6 The crucial importance of repentance and how to approach it
Chapter 7 Some difficult issues that arise in evangelism
Chapter 8 Be patient and persistent in telling people about the gospel
Chapter 9

Things which can ruin or undermine your witness to others

Chapter 10

Is there a time when you should ‘wipe the dust off your feet’ and walk away when people reject the gospel?

Chapter 11 Aim to please God, not other people, and never be ashamed of Jesus
Chapter 12

Never allow fear to prevent you from witnessing to others

Chapter 13 How to share the gospel with a person who is dying
Chapter 14 Sharing the gospel with your children

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