Chris Hill

Chris Hill

Our view of this ministry

I know Chris Hill personally.  He is a Bible teacher and has been in the past a vicar and the Principal of a Bible College His main specialist area is Israel.  He leads tours to Israel and is an expert on the subject.  He also emphasises the need for real Christians to get ready for persecution which he believes is coming.

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What they say about themselves

Christopher Hill was born in Somerset, England, in 1943. After leaving school he worked in agriculture before going to Tyndale Hall Theological College in Bristol (now absorbed into Trinity College), where he trained for the Anglican Ministry.

Chris married Lindy in 1967.

Following a Curacy in Poole, Chris became Director of Pilgrims Hall, a Christian Renewal Centre near Brentwood in Essex, where he established his international ministry of preaching and Bible teaching over the next 20 years.

He then accepted an invitation to become Principal of the Christian Life Bible College, which was then based at the City Temple in London, where he became involved in the life of the City of London.

After leaving CLBC, Chris was for two years resident Bible teacher at Mulberry House, a Christian Conference Centre near Ongar, Essex.

In 1998, Chris & Lindy moved to Suffolk, where they live near Ipswich.

Chris preaches and teaches in various locations in the UK and abroad (including Christian television).

For nearly 25 years, Chris & Lindy have organised and led Bible tours of Israel. This experience has greatly enriched Chris's ability to present the Hebrew background to the Scriptures in his teaching.

Chris is eager to prepare people for the imminent return of Jesus Christ and to encourage them to live by faith as they submit to God's Word and His Holy Spirit, seeing His power let loose in their lives.

Chris and Lindy have led eighty tours of Israel and they have also travelled to many other countries to speak in churches and at conferences of various kinds - Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, USA, the Caribbean, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Israel. In addition to this, radio and television work with Trans World Radio, UCB, Inspiration Channel, Premier.TV and Revelation Television has brought Chris's ministry to many other countries of the world.

The list of Chris's teaching and inspirational publications and recordings grows constantly and these are available by post as well as at the meetings where Chris speaks.

Chris & Lindy have been blessed with a rich and happy marriage, three wonderful children and five superlative grandchildren. Glory to God!