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He is in his mid 80s and, together with Jerry Jenkins, he has written a remarkable series of books on prophecy and the end times called the “Left Behind” series.  These are novels and thus are works of imagination/fiction in which he and Jerry Jenkins try to explain the future events described in Bible prophecy by putting them into a novel format. This works extremely well and brings it to life and makes it understandable like probably no other books have done.  These books are well worth reading. The only thing you need to remember is that these are novels and the specific ways that events have been imagined and described will not be exactly how it all works out.  What you will get from those novels however is a really good general picture of how future events will work. 

In addition to the Left Behind series, Tim La Haye has written many excellent books, mainly about 'escatology' i.e. the study of the end times. He has a good clear style and is a very sound and balanced teacher of the Bible and of prophesy in particular.

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What they say about themselves

For 25 years, LaHaye pastored one of the nation's outstanding churches in San Diego, California, which grew to three locations.

It was during this time he also founded two accredited Christian high schools, a school system of 10 Christian schools, San Diego Christian College (formerly Christian Heritage College), and assisted Dr. Henry Morris in the founding of the Institute for Creation Research, the nation's foremost exponent of creationist materials.

LaHaye has written more than 60 non-fiction books on a wide range of subjects such as: family life, temperaments, sexual adjustment, Bible prophecy, the will of God, Jesus Christ, and secular humanism with over 14 million in print, some of which have been translated into thirty-two foreign languages. His writings are best noted for their easy-to-understand and scripturally based application of biblical principles that assist in facing and handling the challenges of life.

The Left Behind fiction series, co-authored with Jerry B. Jenkins, have broken all publishing records with a total of 80 million in print. These books have appeared on the best-seller lists of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Christian Booksellers Association. Based on the Bible’s book of Revelation, the apocalyptic thrillers follow the lives of those left behind after the sudden disappearance of millions of believers.

Dr. LaHaye designed the LaHaye Temperament Analysis that has been used by over 30,000 people; many have found it to be a life-changing tool for self-improvement.

LaHaye holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Western Theological Seminary and the Doctor of Literature degree from Liberty University.

LaHaye and his wife Beverly, who is chairman of the board and founder of Concerned Women for America, have been married for over 60 years and live in southern California. They have four grown children, nine grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.