How to study the Bible and why you should

Book 3 - contents page

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Chapter 1 Why you should become a serious and diligent student of the whole Bible
Chapter 2 The unique authority of Scripture and the importance of accurate doctrine
Chapter 3 The infallibility of Scripture - dealing with apparent or alleged 'errors' in the Bible
Chapter 4 The errors of the Roman Catholic church in realtion to the Bible and my responses to some objections made by a Catholic lady.
Chapter 5 The grave error of following men's ideas traditions, Catholic or otherwise, instead of the BIble.
Chapter 6 How to memorise and meditate on Scripture and why you should do so
Chapter 7 Is the Bible true and should it generally be interpreted literally or symbolically?
Chapter 8 The 'golden rule' for interpreting Scripture
Chapter 9 A more detailed look at why the allegorical approach is wrong
Chapter 10 Further points on how to deal with the Bible correctly
Chapter 11 The strengths and weaknesses of various versions of the Bible, and my recommednded translations
Appendix 1 A selection of verses from the New Testament which use the words fulfil or fulfilled
Appendix 2 A sample of carefully selected Bible verses which I have set out on cards for memorising. Please see the onlone version of the book for the rest of these, which can all be freely downloaded.

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