How to identify and handle wicked people

Book 6 - contents page

Chapter 1

Some general points at the outset

Chapter 2 Wicked people who are inside churches
Chapter 3 Dealing with wicked Christians and also with wicked church leaders who teach false doctrine or behave abusively
Chapter 4

Identifying what kind of person you are dealing with

Chapter 5

Recognising how capable the wicked are of influencing you and others

Chapter 6 Handling the wicked
Chapter 7 The damage that deception can cause
Chapter 8

Dealing with deception and deceivers

Chapter 9 Dealing with witchcraft – an introduction to a very big subject
Chapter 10 Our duty to resist the wicked
Chapter 11

Praying for and praying against the wicked

Chapter 12

Make sure that your prayers against the activities of the wicked do not turn into witchcraft on your part             

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