The Real Christianity series of books and audio teaching is growing all the time. So, keep checking up to see what is new.


All the books in the Real Christianity series and on this website are available free of charge, to browse through, or even to download completely, provided it is for your own use or for giving away to others. It is not permitted to use any of the books, or any part thereof, if you are intending to sell them or to make any charge for them.

We want to make this facility available free of charge, even though we also sell hard copies of the books via Amazon, because we know that not everybody can afford to buy books, even in the West, and we do not want anybody to be denied access to our material. So, if you can afford to buy our books, please do so, as this supports our ministry. Alternatively, if you are able to make a donation to support us, however small it may be, please do so. But if not, please feel welcome to use our material freely online.

While only some of the books are presented as web pages, all of the books are available to download in PDF format. This too is free of charge. You can choose to download either a single chapter or an entire book, and then read on screen or print off the range of pages that you require. Alternatively, you can simply print single web pages in the normal way.

In order to see all the books available, please click on the Books button on the top menu bar.


The wide range of audio material on this website is also available free of charge, provided it is for your own use or for giving away to others. You may not sell the recordings or make any charge for them. This applies to the audio content on this site and also on the hosting podcast site.