Listen to Sean's wide range of Bible teaching series.

Most of the talks come from material in Sean’s various books.  Under each book title below is a list of series – click on a series to get to the complete set of talks for that series.

There are also Bible commentary series, listed under Old and New Testament.

Finally, there is a Miscellaneous title which acts as a catch-all for talks which do not come under any of the above headings

Talks can be listened to online or downloaded to your device.  Please be patient as sometimes talks can take up to a minute before the sound starts.

How to become a Christian – Book 1

Growing in the character of a disciple – Book 2

How to study the Bible and why you should – Book 3

The Judgment Seat of Christ – Book 4

How to become wise – Book 5

How to identify and handle wicked people – Book 6

New Testament commentaries

Old Testament commentaries

End Time Prophecy Series