Repent and believe audio series

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In order to become a Christian, there are things we need to do. It is important that we do those things properly because otherwise we may struggle as we continue in the Christian life. Also, it is vital to be genuine in taking these steps, as God knows whether we really mean what we say.

In this series of 6 talks, Sean Kehoe starts by reminding us that salvation is a free gift from God. There is nothing we can do to earn it, and therefore a saved person has no basis for pride. Sean then continues by explaining in broad terms what a person needs to do if they wish to become a Christian. After that, he looks in detail at the first two steps of becoming a Christian, which is to repent and believe.

Please be patient as sometimes talks can take up to a minute before the sound starts. Talks can be listened to directly from this page by clicking on the green Play button. The volume can also be adjusted here too. Alternatively you may download the file onto your device by clicking on the download icon in the top right hand corner of each talk.