Three stages of salvation – justification, sanctification, glorification – audio

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Salvation is a process rather than an event which takes place in three clearly defined stages, known as justification, sanctification and glorification. In this talk, Sean Kehoe explains the three stages, which are all referred to in the Bible as being saved. They could be described as the three tenses of salvation.

Justification takes place in an instant at the very beginning of our Christian life, and is what most people think of when they speak of being saved. This can be viewed as the past tense “I have been saved”.

Sanctification is the slow, life-long process of us actually being made more holy and less sinful in practice. It can be viewed as the present tense “I am being saved”.

Glorification is the final stage of the overall salvation process. It happens in an instant when we either die or are raptured. At that moment we will receive our resurrection body and will no longer have a sin nature or any tendency to sin. This can be viewed as the future tense “I will be saved”.

Much of what is said in the Bible about being saved will make much more sense when we understand which stage of salvation is being referred to at any time.

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