How Jesus is our “good news” – audio series

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The Christian gospel is good news. Having looked in the previous series of talks at the terrible predicament that all of us are in because we are all sinners facing dreadful judgment, in this series of 4 talks, Sean Kehoe explains how God has provided a way for us to be saved.

God sent His son Jesus to be our saviour. Jesus is unique in that He is completely God but also completely man. He lived a perfect life and was therefore qualified to offer Himself as a sacrifice to pay for all of our sins, by His death on the cross. Jesus is able to pay for all the sins of the entire world, for all time, because He has never done anything wrong and never sinned, not even once. Therefore, those who accept the benefit of Jesus’s sacrifice and commit themselves to follow Him as Lord, are seen by God as completely righteous and without sin. That is what is meant by being saved. A Christian is a sinner who has been saved and can now look forward to spending eternity with God in His glorious eternal kingdom.

Please be patient as sometimes talks can take up to a minute before the sound starts. Talks can be listened to directly from this page by clicking on the green Play button. The volume can also be adjusted here too. Alternatively you may download the file onto your device by clicking on the download icon in the top right hand corner of each talk.