Judgment Seat of Christ Audio series

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The Judgment Seat of Christ is the judgment for believers. It should not be confused with the Great White Throne judgment which occurs to determine who is saved and who is not. At the Judgment Seat of Christ, every believer will come before Jesus and He will assess our works (or the fruit in our lives) since the moment we were saved. The purpose of this judgment is for Jesus to determine what rewards, if any, we shall be given, over and above enjoying eternal life with God.

In this 23 part audio series, given by Sean Kehoe in 2014, he covers a whole range of issues including what is the Judgment Seat of Christ, how we will be judged, and some of the criteria by which we will be judged. Taking the analogy of an exam, our life on this earth is the on-going exam, and the Judgment Seat is results day. Therefore, now is our opportunity to live a life in the way to accrue rewards in the future.

Please be patient as sometimes talks can take up to a minute before the sound starts. Talks can be listened to directly from this page by clicking on the green Play button. The volume can also be adjusted here too. Alternatively you may download the file onto your device by clicking on the download icon in the top right hand corner of each talk.