How to study the Bible and why you should – audio series

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In this series of 25 talks about studying the Bible, Sean Kehoe, looks at the uniqueness of God’s Word. This is no ordinary book. This series covers a wide range of topics including why Bible study is so vital, how to interpret Scripture, the importance of memorising it, and which translations are good and bad. Sean also highlights the error that many churches make of elevating the writings of other men to having equal or even greater importance than the Bible.

Please be patient as sometimes talks can take up to a minute before the sound starts. Talks can be listened to directly from this page by clicking on the green Play button. The volume can also be adjusted here too. Alternatively you may download the file onto your device by clicking on the download icon in the top right hand corner of each talk.

Talks 1-3 look at why it is important to be a serious student of the Bible.

Talks 4-5 look at the uniqueness and infallibility of Scripture.

Talks 6-8 examine the errors of the Roman Catholic church’s approach to Scripture and answer some objections made by a Catholic lady.

Talks 9-12 discuss the serious problems which arise when people follow men’s ideas or traditions, catholic or otherwise.

Talk 13 deals with how to memorise Scripture

Talks 14-16 consider whether the Bible should be interpreted literally or symbolically.

Talks 17-20 look at the ‘golden rule’ for interpreting Scripture, and why the allegorical approach is so wrong.

Talks 21-24 deal with some further points on how to deal with the Bible correctly.

Talk 25 considers the strengths and weaknesses of various Bible translations.