Book 1 cover - How to become a Christian

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Whole book (327 pages)

Preliminary pages (6 pages)

Introduction (2 pages)

Chapter 1 – Some important points at the outset (7 pages)

Chapter 2 – What is the Bible? How did it come to be written and why should we believe it? (6 pages)

Chapter 3 – God’s character – who He is and what He is like (9 pages)

Chapter 4 – How the Church got into its current condition (7 pages)

Chapter 5 – Why should we bother to become a Christian? (10 pages)

Chapter 6 – What is the Christian message? The bad news first – sin and its consequences (15 pages)

Chapter 7 – The Ten Commandments – proof that you and I are sinners, not just other people (17 pages)

Chapter 8 – More bad news – judgment, Hell and the Lake of Fire in closer detail (11 pages)

Chapter 9 – Setting the scene for the first coming of Jesus (9 pages)

Chapter 10 – How Jesus’ death on the cross made it possible for our sins to be forgiven and for us to be made righteous in God’s eyes (24 pages)

Chapter 11 – Proof that the resurrection really happened (15 pages)

Chapter 12 – Salvation is not earned by our own effort or merit. It is a free gift by God’s grace (undeserved favour) in response to our faith (9 pages)

Chapter 13 – An overview of how to be saved – the four steps we need to take (9 pages)

Chapter 14 – Step one in detail – repent (20 pages)

Chapter 15 – Step two in detail – believe (22 pages)

Chapter 16 – Step three in detail – be baptised in water (10 pages)

Chapter 17 – Step four in detail – ‘receive’ or be ‘baptised in’ the Holy Spirit (28 pages)

Chapter 18 – Jesus is the only way to salvation (12 pages)

Chapter 19 – How to know whether you are a real Christian or not (12 pages)

Chapter 20 – Summary – how do we actually become a Christian? What do we need to do in practical terms? (10 pages)

Chapter 21 – Assurance of salvation, provided we persevere and continue on “The Way” (29 pages)

Chapter 22 – Assurance and perseverance continued – the three stages or tenses of salvation: justification, then sanctification, then glorification (7 pages)

Chapter 23 – Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ – some introductory points (7 pages)

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