Book 6 cover - "How to identify and handle wicked people"

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Whole book (428 pages)

Preliminary pages (5 pages)

Introduction (3 pages)

Chapter 1 – Some introductory points about the ‘wicked’ and how we should define the word (13 pages)

Chapter 2 – Some further general point about the wicked and how numerous they are (14 pages)

Chapter 3 – The damage that deception can cause (15 pages)

Chapter 4 – Identifying the wicked, part one – some of their traits and methods (20 pages)

Chapter 5 – Identifying the wicked, part two – some of their traits and methods (19 pages)

Chapter 6 – Recognise how capable the wicked are of influencing you and trying hard to avoid them (14 pages)

Chapter 7 – Handing the wicked in your workplace or business – part one (14 pages)

Chapter 8 – Handing the wicked in your workplace or business – part two (18 pages)

Chapter 9 – Dealing with deception and deceivers – part one (14 pages)

Chapter 10 – Dealing with deception and deceivers – part two (12 pages)

Chapter 11 – Come to terms with the fact that there are many wicked people inside churches and start to see the significance of that (18 pages)

Chapter 12 – Some examples of wicked Christians from my own experience (12 pages)

Chapter 13 – Some examples from the Bible of wicked believers who were false and did great harm (10 pages) 

Chapter 14 – Handling the wicked in the context of a church – part one (10 pages)

Chapter 15 – Handling the wicked in the context of a church – part two (11 pages)

Chapter 16 – Dealing with wicked church leaders – some introductory points (9 pages)

Chapter 17 – The wickedness of ‘hirelings’ and of cowardly leaders who leave the controversial parts of the BIble out of their teaching (13 pages)

Chapter 18 – The wickedness of ‘Nicolaitanism’ – where church leaders are abusive, controlling, manipulative or domineering (14 pages)

Chapter 19 – Some of my own personal experiences of Nicolaitan leaders who ruled over their churches (13 pages)

Chapter 20 – How to decide whether to leave a church or to stay and fight to change it (9 pages)

Chapter 21 – How to conduct yourself properly, and safely, when tackling the wicked, and the importance of seeking God’s help (17 pages)

Chapter 22 – Our duty to resist the wicked (18 pages)

Chapter 23 – Some further advice on dealing with the wicked, whether in churches or in the world (6 pages)

Chapter 24 – The vital need for resolve and courage to press on, especially when you are up against witchcraft (24 pages)

Chapter 25 – How far can we go in resisting the wicked? Can we even use force? (17 pages)

Chapter 26 – Praying against the wicked – a brief introduction to ‘imprecatory’ prayer (35 pages)

Chapter 27 -Dealing with witchcraft and curses – a brief introduction to two very big subjects (27 pages)

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