Growing in the character of a disciple – Contents

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What it means to be a disciple and how Christian character is formed

A closer look at how God develops us as disciples

Cultivate the attitude of thankfulness until it is a habit

The meaning and importance of faithfulness

God’s assessment of the faithfulness of the kings of Judah and Israel

A closer look at the various types of people with whom we must be faithful

Some more of the ways in which we must become faithful

Further advice on how we can become more faithful

What is ‘the love of the truth’ and why does it matter so much to God?

How we can develop the ‘love of the truth’ and the character quality, and habit, of truthfulness

The complications that arise when we tell the truth, and a look at some exceptional situations where we could lie

What is really meant by forgiving others, and what does it involve?

Some common errors and areas of confusion about what forgiveness is, and how and why we are to do it

How to forgive people in practical terms – some advice on what to do and how to go about it

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