How to become wise – contents

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Chapter 1

The four main types of person

Chapter 2

The fool

Chapter 3

The four main types of person The simple (or naïve) The four main types of person

Chapter 4

The wicked

Chapter 5

The wise

Chapter 6

How can we get wisdom?

Chapter 7

What wise people do – part one

Chapter 8

What wise people do – part two

Chapter 9

Wise people love the truth and therefore reject political correctness

Chapter 10

Wise people think in terms of duties, not rights or entitlements

Chapter 11

Wise people seek to become excellent and faithful workers

Chapter 12

Wise people seek to understand money

Chapter 13

Wise people learn how to make good decisions

Chapter 14

Wise people realise the huge importance of marriage

Chapter 15

Wise people put great emphasis on Bible prophecy, God’s impending judgment, and eternity

Chapter 16

Wise people understand the real nature of Islam

Chapter 17

Conclusion and call to action


Case Plan

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