Purpose of this site

In many ways this is an unusual website. Therefore, I ought to say a little about what it includes and what its purposes are.

It is primarily a vehicle for making available, free of charge, all of my books and audio teaching. I want it all to be free because I personally don’t feel right about charging anybody for them. I want them to be available to everybody, regardless of whether they can afford to buy teaching materials, which many people can’t.

Therefore, you are welcome to download as much as you wish and to use it free of charge. Please also forward the material to any people you know who might benefit from it. I would really encourage you to do that.

Recommending other good ministries

Another major objective is to draw your attention to other Bible teachers and Christian ministries that I feel able to recommend. I wish that somebody had pointed me to these men when I was a new Christian, or even after I had been saved for years. Instead, I had to go looking for Bible teachers for myself. I came across them, one by one, every now and then, which took a long time.

I also found a lot of rubbish along the way, i.e. poor quality teaching, or even apostates and ‘wolves’. I had to work all of that out for myself, with God’s help, i.e. sorting out the wheat from the chaff. But it would have been a lot easier, safer and quicker if somebody had simply told me a long list of names of excellent, honest, genuine, scholarly teachers. But nobody ever did. So, that’s what I intend to do for you. I can therefore personally recommend all of these ministries. They will assuredly benefit you.

Nevertheless, it always remains your responsibility to test that for yourself. Do this by carefully evaluating everything that any of them say and comparing it to the Bible. You should never delegate to anybody else, however good they may be, your personal duty to be discerning about what you read or hear. That said, I am convinced that you will gain a tremendous amount from every one of the teachers and ministries listed. I do not just mean you personally. Everybody in the world would benefit from these ministries, because they are all of the very highest quality and, above all, they are genuine, sincere, godly people.