I have not attempted to write a detailed account here of what my position is on every major theological issue or doctrine. Firstly, it would be very difficult to do so. Secondly, I would end up replicating the entire website.

I concluded that it would be easier and quicker simply to list a series of major issues and then provide a link to the section of the website, or to a pdf contained within the website, which deals with that issue. So, please consider the list set out below and select any links which you wish to follow:

1. A general overview of the main facts that a person needs to know and believe in order to become a Christian

2. The problem of our sin and of God’s impending judgment

3. Further details on Hell and the Lake of Fire

4. The meaning and purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross

5. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead

6. Salvation is not by good works but by grace alone, through faith alone

7. An overview of how to be saved

8. Repentance

9. Baptism in water

10. Receiving the Holy Spirit

11. Jesus is the only way to salvation

12. How to know whether you are a Christian

13. The issue of assurance of salvation-v-the need to persevere

14. Justification, sanctification and glorification

15. The reality of the cost of being a disciple

16. The importance of the Bible

17. The authority of Scripture

18. Should the Bible be interpreted literally or allegorically?

19. The error of the allegorical approach to interpreting the Bible

20. Further points on interpreting the Bible