A W Tozer

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Our view of this ministry

He was Canadian but lived in the USA.  He died in 1963, leaving behind a large range of books and teaching on audio tapes. He was a man of real discernment and he foresaw the apostasy which has overtaken so much of the church in the West. He spoke of it back in the 1950s when few others could see what was coming. Anything by AW Tozer is well worth listening to and will challenge and strengthen you.  His materials are available from:

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What they say about themselves

Tozer, as he was affectionately known during his lifetime, is widely regarded as one of the most perceptive writers in the 20th century. He served as pastor of Christian & Missionary Alliance churches in Chicago and Toronto, and was a popular speaker and prolific author who wrote with biblical insight and prophetic precision. In 1950, he became the editor of the Alliance Witness. His best-known books, The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy, are perennial best-sellers, and most of his writings are still in print.

Tozer was known for his deep and personal relationship with God. His life is a compelling example of spiritual passion, commitment to lifelong learning, and the integration of theological reflection and ministry.