Faithfulness concerning any responsibilities that are entrusted to us

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From “Growing in the character of a disciple”: Chapter 6 – A closer look at the various types of people with whom we must be faithful

When King Jehoshaphat, the godly king of Judah, appointed judges this is what he told them:

6 He said to the judges, “Consider what you are doing, for you do not judge for man but for the LORD who is with you when you render judgment. 7 Now then let the fear of the LORD be upon you; be very careful what you do, for the LORD our God will have no part in unrighteousness or partiality or the taking of a bribe.”

2 Chronicles 19:6-7 (NASB)

He wanted them to be aware at all times that God is watching and will hold each one of them accountable for all that they do. The same is true for all of us. Whatever work we do, we are accountable for it, and we are doing it for the Lord. Even if we allow ourselves to forget that, it still remains true.

Whether we are managers, or shop floor workers, or have any other kind of job, we need to learn to take every duty very seriously, however small it may seem. We need to become the kind of person who, when they agree to do something, or are told to, put their whole heart into it. We must remain vigilant and focused until it is done, and done well. Nehemiah, when he was responsible for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, appointed men whom he knew to be more faithful than other men:

1Now when the wall had been built and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers, the singers, and the Levites had been appointed, 2I gave my brother Hana’ni and Hanani’ah the governor of the castle charge over Jerusalem, for he was a more faithful and God-fearing man than many.

Nehemiah 7:1-2 (RSV)

This reminds me of my own Dad. He took any responsibility exceptionally seriously and would go very far out of his way to ensure he never let anybody down. If he was asked to do a thing, or if he volunteered to do it, you could guarantee it would be done, not just on time, but early. I never saw him forget anything, or be late, or do a shoddy job. He could always be relied on 100%. When he left the army he was graded as having given ‘exemplary service’, which is not said of many.

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