Respond quickly to God’s promptings. Never harden your heart or stop listening to Him.

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From “Growing in the character of a disciple”: Chapter 7 – Some more of the ways in which we must become faithful

God will speak to you through your conscience to guide you as to what to do in a given situation, especially if you ask Him to do so. When He speaks in this way, it will not be in a loud, clear, unmistakable voice. It will be with a quiet, inner voice which enables you to know, or usually just to feel, that a certain path is right or wrong.

When God speaks through our conscience He does not necessarily explain why a thing is wrong, or go into any detail. But He will enable you to know enough to do His will. If you obey that prompting, then more clarity will be given to you later. Then you will more fully grasp why God did, or didn’t, want you to do the thing in question.

Therefore, don’t wait till you have that full understanding. Respond to what you do know. Obey your conscience immediately, as it currently stands. Don’t delay or argue with it, just because you don’t yet have full understanding. Accept God’s promptings quickly and willingly. If you do, then they will get clearer, louder and more frequent, which is exactly what is best for you. Never refuse to listen to, or to obey, your conscience. Never harden your heart towards God, or take liberties with His grace and patience.

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