After you have become a Christian – what next?

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 20 – How do we actually become a Christian in practical terms?

Tell others

If you have not had a person to be with you and help while you take these steps, and to be a witness, then instead, go out now and tell others what you have done. It is important that you start as early as possible to let other people know that you have become a believer and have begun your journey along “the Way”. This will “help the concrete to set” and become permanent. The more publicly and openly you acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ, the quicker you will lose any fear or embarrassment at being associated with Him. Also the bolder you will become in being able to tell other people about Him.

If you keep quiet about your conversion at the start you will find that that silence will turn into a habit and will become a major handicap later on. It will hinder your growth and development. Therefore quickly tell at least one person, preferably a mature Christian, what you have done. Then tell others too, even those close to you, (unless it would put you in physical danger). Don’t be worried about not knowing how to explain yourself or how to answer their questions.

The object is not to impress people, but to please God.  He will be very proud that you are openly associating yourself with Him and learning not to be ashamed of Him.  He will also reward you for it.  I am not saying you have to tell everybody.  Sometimes it could be unwise to tell certain people. But do at least make sure you tell some people, unless you are in a country where that would be dangerous due to persecution.

Join a biblical church

Then seek to join a good and biblical church.  Sadly, today in the Western world, this is not simple.  Genuine churches are very hard to find, whereas there are far too many that are liberal, shallow, insincere, compromised and worldly.  I give more advice in my book “Biblical Church” on how to find a sincere and genuine church.  Once you have found one, then join it. (See Book Eight in this series for more guidance.) 

You may need to drive quite a few miles.  Become active in it and seek to learn as much as you can and to gain as much fellowship (i.e. making relationships) as you can with other more mature believers.   You need their help, advice and friendship.

But even after you have joined a genuine church you must continue to be vigilant. You are under a duty to be discerning and careful to make sure that what you are being taught is biblical and accurate.  That always remains your own personal responsibility.  You can’t delegate it to anybody, not even to church leaders. You must always be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11.  Search the Scriptures daily to test whatever is being taught and to see whether it is true.  Much of what is taught in British and American churches today is not true.  The same applies to most of the Western world.

Set about seeking to become an effective disciple

See Becoming a disciple (Chapter 23) in this book and also subsequent books in this series for more detail on this.  The key point in becoming an effective disciple is to want to be one.  You could never become a pianist or a sculptor or dentist without first wanting to be one.  Otherwise you would never pay the price or make the effort or do the necessary things to change from what you are now into whatever it is you want to be. 

It is just the same with becoming a real disciple.  It won’t happen automatically.  You will become a disciple to the precise extent that you want to.  Therefore choose to be a 100% committed disciple. Then actively set out to obey all that God commands us to do in order to become one.

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