The benefits of being a Christian

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 5 – Why should we bother to become a Christian?

We have already seen some of the bad news, and there is more to look at.  However, there are also many very positive advantages which come from being a Christian.  Though I’m determined to tell you all the bad news and to leave none of it out, there are certainly many blessings and advantages that will come to you if you become a real Christian. 

You will experience peace of mind in a new way and you will always have God to turn to in any times of difficulty or grief.  In addition  you will become a part of the wider family of the church and will make many genuine friends, probably far more than you would have as an unbeliever. 

The greatest advantage of all though, is that if you become a Christian, not only will you be saved from God’s judgment and from Hell and the Lake of Fire.  You can also look forward to spending all of eternity in glory, being in God’s presence within the Kingdom of God and enjoying all the immense blessings and joys that that will involve.  The world that awaits us is going to be indescribably wonderful.  Why would any sane person choose not to go there? Moreover, how tragic it would be to miss it all simply because you did not choose to make the effort to find out about it.

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