We have to focus on the bad news first

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 5 – Why should we bother to become a Christian?

My objective in the rest of this book, is to set out for you as clearly as I can what the Christian message is, so that you can make an informed choice.  However, before I can tell you the good news that Jesus Christ came to bring, I must first tell you a lot more about what the bad news is.  It is only by knowing all about the bad news that we can ever begin to understand the good news and realise just how good it is. 

I hope that you will bear with me therefore as I spend some further time clarifying exactly what the Bible means when it talks about sin, judgment, Hell and the Lake of Fire. This is necessary before I start to look at what Jesus did to save us from it all.  For now, I must continue focusing on the bad news because it is essential to understand that before we can begin to understand or appreciate the good news.  Moreover, you are unlikely to have heard much, if any, of this before because the true Christian message has been so suppressed and ‘toned down’ within the apparent church.  Therefore, even if you have gone to church all your life, you may not have been told these things.

Some readers may be discouraged as they read the chapters that follow. They may be thinking that the bad news just seems to go on and on and that we never seem to be getting to the good news or seeing any benefit from believing in Jesus Christ. But hang on in there and keep going.  It will all make sense by the time you get to the end.  Then you will be equipped to make a fully informed decision to follow Jesus Christ and to receive the amazing benefits and blessings that that leads to.

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