The importance of baptism from the Devil’s perspective

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 16 – Step three in detail – be baptised in water

It is odd that so much of the Church has got baptism so very wrong?  If there were to be errors you would ordinarily expect them to be randomly spread out, so that in some ways we might operate biblically and in other ways not.  However, the reality is that with baptism most churches tend to get just about everything completely wrong.  In fact most churches do the exact opposite of what God says on almost every aspect of baptism.

That cannot be a mere coincidence.  It has clearly been orchestrated and arranged on purpose.  It shows all the signs of being a satanically coordinated plot or scheme.  It looks very much like the Devil has gone out of his way to try to make sure that baptism is messed about with.  The Devil wants it to be either done wrongly or not done at all.

That emphasis on undermining baptism suggests that the Devil considers baptism in water to be very important.  Why would he go to so much trouble to deceive us and to confuse our thinking and our practice on the whole subject of baptism if it wasn’t vitally important?

Indirectly we can take encouragement from the fact that this is an area where there is so much false teaching and error.  It can help to convince us that baptism really matters to God and is extremely useful and necessary for us.

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