This amazing God, who created everything, is also our Father

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 3 – God’s character – who He is and what He is like

To be allowed to be so intimate as to call God “Father” is a great privilege. Consider how much it means. The very God who created the whole universe is inviting you and me to relate to Him as a child relates to their father. He wants to have a one to one relationship with you which is close, tender and personal.  There are even ways and times when God plays and jokes with us and deals with us softly. Yet, at the same time, He still remains the awesome, all-powerful King of the universe.  God is far from being one-dimensional. He is the most brilliant person in the world. He created everything that we know. If you have ever studied science, you will realise how complex it is. Yet God did not simply learn about science. He created all the rules of science. Can you imagine how indescribably intelligent He must be? 

Not only did He create the universe in scientific terms, but He also designed it in artistic terms. Look at how beautiful everything is. It is obvious that God is an artist. There is nothing that He has made that is not beautiful. That is true of the stars and planets, the sun, moon and sky and of all the plants, mountains, lakes, animals, birds, fish and insects on this earth. Every one of these is a work of art in itself. Taken together, they are an astonishing masterpiece of design.

God is a complex mixture of every virtue and quality. He is a genius of a kind that we can not begin to imagine. He is in charge of the entire universe and yet is able at the same time to relate individually to everybody on the earth.  He knows about everything that is happening throughout the whole of creation.  At this moment He knows exactly what is happening on every planet and where each one is on its orbit around the sun.  

At the same time, He also knows what a particular insect is doing that is sitting on a leaf somewhere in the Amazon rain forest. He is watching it, and He is watching every other creature too.  He knows what every atom is doing and what every electron is doing as it orbits around each proton.  He is observing it all happening simultaneously, because He is fascinated by His entire creation and enjoys its beauty.  What does that tell you about the capacity of His mind? It is beyond calculation.

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