We are supposed to be following Jesus

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 23 – Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ – Some introductory points

We are meant to learn from Jesus and to seek to become like Him.  We are then to do the work that He is doing, by joining in alongside Him.  Remember that Jesus Christ is not only our Saviour.  He is also our Lord.  That means that Jesus has a unique status and authority.  He has many titles and is many things all at the same time.  He is Divine.   He is the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God.  He is the Word of God.  He is the Messiah of Israel.  He is the King of Israel.  In addition He is the King of the entire earth. 

There are very many other titles given to Jesus as well.  He is the “Prince of Peace”, the “Morning Star”, the “Son of David”, the “Son of Man” (from Daniel chapter seven), and many others. 

It is like where a senior aristocrat and member of the royal family has many different titles and ranks.  For example, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales and at the same time he is the Duke of Cornwall. He also has many other aristocratic and military titles as well, such as the Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay and the Earl of Carrick.  Jesus’ many titles show that He has the most immense rank and importance.  Because of that we are not only to worship Him, but to follow Him, and obey Him. 

You will never understand why you need to be His disciple unless you grasp how extraordinarily powerful and important He is as our Creator, Saviour, King and Judge. These magnificent titles and names that Jesus has show how indescribably important He is.  One day, everybody who has ever lived will have to bow down to Him, whether they want to or not.  You would be better off to do it now, of your own free choice, rather than be forced to do so later. 

We are to regard Jesus as our King because that’s what He is

We are meant to treat Jesus Christ as a King.  He is entitled to our complete loyalty and faithfulness, in the same way that in medieval times a man would show ‘fealty’ and allegiance to an earthly king.  Jesus is not a democratically elected politician.  He is the King as of right.  Moreover He is the King of kings,  Lord of lords and Name above all names.  He has been appointed to that unique position on the basis of merit by God the Father.  There is nobody higher than Him.  He also shares the throne of God the Father in Heaven and He rules over the whole universe. 

Moreover, when He returns to the earth He will be the King of the earth and will sit on King David’s throne.  We are not discussing a politician that we can vote in and vote out.  Jesus is unique and worthy of the utmost respect, reverence and awe.

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