We must get our beliefs solely from the Bible, not from men’s ideas or traditions

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FromHow to Become a Christian”: Chapter 4 – How the church got into its current condition

Our confusion comes from focusing, instead, on what church leaders or denominations say.  When what they say differs from what the Bible says, too many of us opt to go along with what our leaders say and ignore the Bible.  My strong advice is always to put the Bible at the centre.  Then decide that you will base all your beliefs and practices on what the Bible says, not on what you’re used to, or what you’ve always been told, regardless of who told you.   

That is the way I have put this book together.  I want to introduce you to all the main ingredients of Christianity and explain them as the Bible explains them, emphasising whatever the Bible emphasises.  I want to stick only to what the Bible says and not add anything to it or take anything from it.  I would invite you to check carefully for yourself whether I achieve that.

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