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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 1 – Some important points at the outset

This website, and in particular this first book, is written so as to be understandable by those who have never been in a church or heard anything of the gospel. However, it is also intended for people who are already involved in churches and who assume they are Christians, but perhaps aren’t really saved. It’s also for those who have no assurance of salvation. And it’s for those who just feel they know less than they should.

Likewise, this first book in the Real Christianity series is also for those who are in lukewarm churches. I mean those where the leaders do not preach the real gospel but teach instead something watered down or even false. There are many such churches where wishy washy liberal ideas, political correctness, and dead religious rituals have replaced real Christianity. If you are in such a church it is quite possible you may still be unsaved even if you have been going to church for 50 years. I would therefore invite you to examine yourself to see whether you are really a Christian in the biblical sense, rather than just a “churchgoer”. Merely going to church doesn’t make you into a real Christian, just as standing in your garage at home doesn’t make you into a car.

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