Reasons why people present a false picture of Jesus as being just one of many ways to God

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From “How to become a Christian”: Chapter 18 – Jesus is the only way to salvation

a) That is how many people think and there is a tendency to assume Jesus is like oneself.

We tend to read into the Bible an assumption that Jesus is rather like us. We can easily reinterpret Him as holding opinions very much like ours. We have to guard against that. All we can validly do is to read the Bible and interpret plainly what Jesus actually said. We cannot weave into it any of our own opinions or prejudices. Yet, unless we consciously stop ourselves, we will do that, without even noticing we are doing it.

b) Because an ‘inclusive’ ‘liberal,’ ‘tolerant’ Jesus who accepts all people, no matter what they believe, seems more attractive to worldly people.

He is much less threatening and offensive to some of us if viewed in that way.  It appeals to our worldly nature and it avoids causing arguments or upsetting people. From a selfish point of view, there would perhaps be certain advantages if Jesus was like that.  Yet, the Bible tells us plainly that He is not. Therefore we either have to believe what the Bible says or ignore the Bible and view Him any way we wish.  You have to choose. But when you do, you must also acept the consequences of your decision. 

c) Because a Jesus who fits in with our preferences and opinions is more convenient.

Jesus would then be the sort of person that you can keep as a mascot. Following Him would be like joining a fan club. You could add Him into your existing lifestyle without Him challenging you or trying to interfere with your life. That is attractive to many people.  Being a “fan” of Jesus, rather than His disciple, offers the appearance of being a Christian, plus an enhanced lifestyle or culture, but without the cost or inconvenience of obeying Him.

The main thing that people do not want Jesus to be is Lord.  We instinctively recognise that if we accepted Him as Lord, then He would want to act like a Lord. He would want to rule and reign in our lives like a king. But, that would mean we would not be in charge of our own life anymore. Thus many people reinvent Jesus as someone who fits in with them, rather than accept Him as someone with whom they must fit in.

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